Freitag, Juni 25, 2004

Refactoring Example for Beginners

I found a small code example that could be used by refactoring beginners.
  • What smells are in the code?
  • What refactorings can be used to remove the smells?
  • How small can the new solution be? (If you send me your refactored solution I may publish it here.)

P.S.: The code in C# but it should be easy to convert it to Java.
P.P.S.: If someone has the code in Java, please send me a link.

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Samstag, Juni 19, 2004

Customer related blog of Chris Matts

Chris Matts was a panelist at XP2004 conference. He works as a consultant for customers using Agile Methods. He has some very interesting things to say - a lot of these can be found at his blog.

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Book: Agile Software Development in the Large

First hand experiences from and guidances for doing large agile projects are very rare. Jutta provides helpful insights into large projects in general and the special challenges of doing large projects with agile methods like eXtreme Programming, Scrum or Crystal.

Jutta Ecksteins book "Agile Software Development in the Large: Diving into the Deep" (Dorset House Publishing) is published now. A german translation was published under the title "Agile Softwareentwicklung im Großen" (dpunkt Verlag).

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Donnerstag, Juni 17, 2004

Master Thesis with Empirical Data about Agile Methods

The master thesis of Carsten Dogs and Timo Klimmer provides some interesting empirical data about agile methods like eXtreme Programming.

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Samstag, Juni 12, 2004

Refactorings in großen Softwareprojekten

Martin Lippert and I have written a book about doing Refactorings in large projects. The book is available in german now from dpunkt. The english translation should be available in a few months.

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XP 2004: Agile Project Controlling

Henning Wolf and I have given a talk about Agile Project Controlling at the XP 2004 conference.

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