Samstag, Oktober 30, 2004

Multiple Customers in XP

Ron Jeffries has written a short but interesting article about how to deal with multiple customers: Petition the King. He uses the metapher of villagers coming to the king regularly (one a month or one every two weeks) to explain their requests. The king has limited resources and decides about the usage of the resources.
In XP the king is not a developer since decisions about distributing resources is a bussiness decision not a technical desicion. Therefore king is a kind of super customer, head of marketing for a product company or something similar.

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Freitag, Oktober 22, 2004

Design in Agile Methods

One of the most controverse aspects of agile methods is the role of design. In eXtreme Programming the practice is stated explicitly: Simple Design.
Buzz words describing simple design are:
  • You ain't gonna need it (the YAGNI principle).
  • Keep it simple, stupid (the KISS principle).
  • Design for Today.
  • No Big Design Upfront (BDUF).

Two articles (available online) about the topic give further insights:

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