Mittwoch, März 09, 2005

Weblog for IT-Managers

it-agile has started a (german) weblog addressed at IT-Managers (project manager, head of it department etc.):

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Luntbuild is a new build process management tool (like Cruise-Control). It has a nice and easy to use web interface (you don't have to edit any files). We started to use it in one project and got promising results.
The most important drawback in contrast with Cruise-Control is the missing Quiet-Time-Period for CVS. In projects with many concurrent check-ins that use CVS the missing feature may cause some trouble.

P.S.: It seems that the current Luntbuild download has a little bug (since it requires Starbase classes). The bug database of Luntbuild has hints on how to fix the problem without programming.

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Cobertura is a fork of the GNU version of JCoverage. In contrast with GNU JCoverage there is some development activity at Cobertura. Some long known bugs in JCoverage are fixed in Cobertura now (e.g. the problems occurring when more than some 100 files had to be instrumented).
There where also problems when we tried to use XRadar with GNU JCoverage which are fixed in Cobertura now.
In one project we switched from JCoverage to Coberatura and it worked fine.

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Freitag, März 04, 2005

Evil Singletons

I have built quite a lot systems as a developer and I have seen much more systems as a consultant. Now I'm strongly convinced that Singletons are evil. Uncle Bob has written a nice article on Singletons.

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