Samstag, Juli 31, 2004

SCRUM Master

I participated the SCRUM Master training in Karlsruhe held by Joseph Pelrine. That was fun and now I'm a certified SCRUM Master.
BTW: A collegue of mine said that "SCRUM Master" sounds like something evil. I try to be not too evil :-)

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Funny GridBagLayout

Its always a highlight when profession meets fun. A very funny and striking description of Java's GridBagLayout is available as an interactive weblog.

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Donnerstag, Juli 15, 2004

JMigrator 0.4.0 released

I released the first version of JMigrator at Source-Forge as an Eclipse 3 plugin.
If anybody is interested in participating at the further development, please contact me.

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Montag, Juli 05, 2004

Trashcan Frameworks

Application specific frameworks often degenerate and become Trascan Frameworks. I have written my thoughts in a short article "Trashcan Frameworks".

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Sonntag, Juli 04, 2004

Large Refactorings and Fitnesse at Java Forum Stuttgart

Martin Lippert and I held a lalk about Refactorings in large Projects at the Java Forum Stuttgart. The slides are here (german). I submitted a presentation about aceptance testing with Fitnesse. This was accepted as a failover presentation. Since no other presentation was cancelled, the presentation wasn't held. But the slides are here for download although (german).

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