Montag, März 29, 2004

Acceptance Testing with Fitnesse

Fitnesse is an open-source acceptance testing framework based on FIT and a Wiki web. It is one of the best tools I have seen in the last years. It works with Java, C# and some other programming languages. Tests are defined with HTML tables (creating HTML tables with the Fitnesse wiki is quite easy) and connected to the application under test with so called fixtures. The fixtures have to be programmed by the developers - the effort is small. After having the tables with the test data and the fixtures the tests can be run from Fitnesse directly. The fixtures are simply classes that call other classes of the application under test. If core functional classes or UI classes are called (perhaps with a library like Jemmy) is the decision of the developers. Similar to JUnit tests can be combined to suites.
Fitnesse is suitable to let customers or business experts/analysts define the tests - test first for acceptance tests is enabled.

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